SRP BIG SHOT® Provides Maximum Radiant Coverage In Poultry Houses

The SRP BIG SHOT® heater provides maximum radiant coverage to the litter in poultry houses. The 16˚ angle on SRP’s 100% efficient reflectors optimizes radiant heat directed towards the feed and water lines which support bird performance especially in the first crucial days of placement.


•    16˚ tilted reflectors for improved heat distribution in wider houses

•    Lowest convective heat loss with SRP’s 100% efficient reflector 

•    Waterproof housing for best reliability

•    Potted ignition modules

•    Single or two stage capability

•    Nickel plated “jet stream” burner cup

•    Sealed maintenance free blower

•    Heat-treated aluminized steel tubing for Superior Radiant output

•    * Low clearance above for installation close to ceiling. (Only 16 inches are required from the ceiling to the bottom of the heater, including clearance to combustibles)

•    3 Year limited warranty on burner and controls

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